Friday, June 8, 2007

I guess I should post about my week (June 4 - June 8)

This program is so much work and very little Japan. But, I'm spending two weeks here after the program, so I guess it's no worries.

Okay, that's the end of complaining. Not all of my time here has been so busy, even though my Saturdays are spent in two three hour lectures and my Wednesdays and Sundays are studio until around five. On Monday, a rare free day, Gian,
Loomis and I went to Asakusa to see a temple and do some touristy shopping. We stopped at the Bandai building for a little bit to look at the their little museum of anime stuff and a statue of Doraemon.

On Tuesday we had a BBQ at the dorm, which was nice bc there was a lot of free food. It wasn't so nice bc I skipped out to do some work and then didn't go karaoking with practically everyone bc I felt like I hadn't done enough work. I still haven't gone karaoking. Something that probably should happen.

Thursday we went on a fun field trip to an interactive science kinda museum. It's hard to explain, but made me feel like a five year old. Which was good because I had to miss a trip to the beach some of my other friends had planned bc they are in photo and drawing and didn't have class on Friday or that particular mandatory field trip. I rounded off my Thursday with more work. And Friday was class and more work.

My board game is finally coming along. And by that I mean I'm ripping off chutes and ladders and making it asian themed with salarymen. So far, no one seems to have an issue with it, and after a series of failed attempts and designing and trying to make the actual board, I think I'm on track. But, we also have to have a sound component to our project. Something I haven't started yet. I'm trying to use a small cheap voice recorder and incorporate it into my board. So far, I haven't had luck finding any. I'm going to go to Akihabara soon to try and find them.

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