Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Loomis, Gian, Danielle and I took a break and went to the zoo yesterday, and although I got eaten alive by misqutoes and it was really hot, I still love zoos.

Monday, June 11, 2007


So, I started off my day, printing out some things at the lab, which was great because I had to do the long walk from Tamachi to go to lab for basically twenty minutes. But, before that, I decided I was going to Akihabara today to try and find my voice recorders. I did a little googling and I found a page with both japanese and english for the little buggers. I took the Yamanote to Akihabara and took the exit to electric town. Now, I'm not really one for electronics. I don't know why, but they don't really interest me. Plus the language barrier was a bit of an issue when I was trying to look for voice recorders (録音のモジュール). I basically went around for an hour gathering my courage to talk to people and trying to locate a store that might have them. (I had enough sense to realize when I was in a store with just wires, or pliars, or tvs etc.) Finally I found a little model building section and I asked the guy. He had a recorder and it was the same price as the recordable greeting cards in Tokyu Hands! I bought one, even though I know I'll have no idea how to use it. I felt pressured. Then, I walked around a little more, avoiding the anime stores because I didn't want to get distracted, and headed to Tokyu Hands to make a huge purchase of more supplies. I better use them all. I still have to return that unused sculpey and get some money back. This is an expensive project. I'm a little jealous of the people who are just doing stuff on computers, but then I'd have to know those it's all fair I suppose.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I guess I should post about my week (June 4 - June 8)

This program is so much work and very little Japan. But, I'm spending two weeks here after the program, so I guess it's no worries.

Okay, that's the end of complaining. Not all of my time here has been so busy, even though my Saturdays are spent in two three hour lectures and my Wednesdays and Sundays are studio until around five. On Monday, a rare free day, Gian,
Loomis and I went to Asakusa to see a temple and do some touristy shopping. We stopped at the Bandai building for a little bit to look at the their little museum of anime stuff and a statue of Doraemon.

On Tuesday we had a BBQ at the dorm, which was nice bc there was a lot of free food. It wasn't so nice bc I skipped out to do some work and then didn't go karaoking with practically everyone bc I felt like I hadn't done enough work. I still haven't gone karaoking. Something that probably should happen.

Thursday we went on a fun field trip to an interactive science kinda museum. It's hard to explain, but made me feel like a five year old. Which was good because I had to miss a trip to the beach some of my other friends had planned bc they are in photo and drawing and didn't have class on Friday or that particular mandatory field trip. I rounded off my Thursday with more work. And Friday was class and more work.

My board game is finally coming along. And by that I mean I'm ripping off chutes and ladders and making it asian themed with salarymen. So far, no one seems to have an issue with it, and after a series of failed attempts and designing and trying to make the actual board, I think I'm on track. But, we also have to have a sound component to our project. Something I haven't started yet. I'm trying to use a small cheap voice recorder and incorporate it into my board. So far, I haven't had luck finding any. I'm going to go to Akihabara soon to try and find them.