Monday, June 11, 2007


So, I started off my day, printing out some things at the lab, which was great because I had to do the long walk from Tamachi to go to lab for basically twenty minutes. But, before that, I decided I was going to Akihabara today to try and find my voice recorders. I did a little googling and I found a page with both japanese and english for the little buggers. I took the Yamanote to Akihabara and took the exit to electric town. Now, I'm not really one for electronics. I don't know why, but they don't really interest me. Plus the language barrier was a bit of an issue when I was trying to look for voice recorders (録音のモジュール). I basically went around for an hour gathering my courage to talk to people and trying to locate a store that might have them. (I had enough sense to realize when I was in a store with just wires, or pliars, or tvs etc.) Finally I found a little model building section and I asked the guy. He had a recorder and it was the same price as the recordable greeting cards in Tokyu Hands! I bought one, even though I know I'll have no idea how to use it. I felt pressured. Then, I walked around a little more, avoiding the anime stores because I didn't want to get distracted, and headed to Tokyu Hands to make a huge purchase of more supplies. I better use them all. I still have to return that unused sculpey and get some money back. This is an expensive project. I'm a little jealous of the people who are just doing stuff on computers, but then I'd have to know those it's all fair I suppose.

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