Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I put off work totally on Monday, which was a bit of a mistake I'll admit. (Well, you can basically read the title of my blog to get the basic idea of why I put it off.) But I had just gotten back to Ontakesan, and I started reading Harry Potter, and I apparently couldn't stop. So, on Tuesday I woke up early and got to work.

I'm working on a board game about Salarymen and my block is the area around Tamachi station. It's been pretty difficult thinking up rules that incorporate my block and salarymen and are interesting enough and aren't too complicated. I started by looking up some games that I had played as a kid - Sorry, Enchanted Forest, Payday, Chutes and Ladders.

And, my first idea was pretty linear, in that it followed the day of a salaryman (home, work, lunch, work, going out, home) This seemed to simple and didn't have enough incentive to play the game, so today I tried to iron those things out. I thought a little bit about the rules and added a lot of elements of Sorry into it. I also designed my gameboard roughly. I need to take some better photos because some of mine are fuzzy. Plus, I only formated the image to 200 dpi, when apparently printing should be 300. Woops. It's the kind of mistake I'm not surprised I made because I've never printed something out for professional use before. But, it's pretty easily remedied if I just rework the image a bit....hopefully.

Making the board didn't go to well, either. I made the mistake of folding the board when I placed the image on it, so when I opened it back up again, the board wouldn't fold flat. So, I cut it in the middle. Hopefully it will be good enough for crit. And that's what trying these things out is for, isn't it?


Danielle said...

Hey Helen,

Deer and monkeys in one weekend? I'm jealous!

Anyway, I agree with Abby. Don't make up your own game. I tried to do that and it takes a long time to figure out rules, it's a nightmare. Your better off if you adapt your theme to an exhisting game. That's ok. It's not cheating.

Once you choose your format, just keep it fun! You are an illustrator so illustrate! I think your drawings combined with photos can make your board fun and eclectic. And Ron is right too. If people are playing your game, it's not because they want to play "chutes and ladders" it's because they want to pretend to be a japanese salary-man and you need to give them that expierence. Go over board, make it funny(or frustrating like the life of a salaryman). I think your project has the most potiential of them all!

Loomis13 said...

not much to say at this point, but seeing as how i need to comment on everyone's blog, here's the one piece of advice i can think of:

over stereotype the different types of salary men. you were talking about the different types you saw, so i'd do that. i guess this might only really show on the pieces, assuming you were still planning to do those.

i owe you a comment.

Gian said...

I really think the board would be worlds better with nice clean illustrations of each destination rather than a photo collage held together with cloud illustrations. But if you must stick with the photos, I really suggest hookin em up in photoshop making them look as far from a generic photo as possible, preferably with sound color and photo adjustments and not filters. Anddd you should definitely make game pieces.